House Extension FAQ

House extension frequently asked questions.

house-extensions-4We have compiled this list over the years of the most commonly asked questions that our customers have had for us when they were thinking of developing an extension for their home, we hope that you find it useful.

Do we need planning permission for my house extension?

It really depends on the type, style and size of the proposed house extension. Each homeowner is entitled to exempted development of 40m2 of extended living space connected to the existing house as long as it is to the rear of the building.
Please contact us for further information on this subject


How much disruption will the work on my house extension cause?

The average house extension that we normally undertake will take between 8-10 weeks. We will be able to provide you with a more accurate timescale once we have viewed the project.

Do I need to consult my neighbours

we would always say yes – it is always nice to let your neighbours know that there may be a little disruption due to the work being carried out and to give them an idea of how long it will be.


How much will a house extension cost?

Every house extension that we carry out is different, we will be able to give you an accurate costing once we have viewed your property and you give us your thoughts on what you want done.

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